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Allure Home Fragrance and its predecessors in name have produced high quality, hand crafted fragranced candles, all natural botanical blends and other home fragrance products for over 25 years. The company, which began as Prairie Potpourri and founded by Libby Jowell, produced the finest all natural botanical blends to be found anywhere.

When Ms. Jowell decided to sell the Candle company, the investment banker, Jamie Furrate gained a great appreciation for the quality ingredients, unique designs, and alluring fragrances. Furrate’s appreciation for these high quality fragrance collections later led him to become a partner of the new owner, Judy Havelka. Furrate subsequently sold his interest in Judy Havelka Enterprises to concentrate on other business interests.

In 2009 Judy Havelka approached Jamie Furrate about purchasing the company. After realizing the quality and product appearance were as great as ever, Furrate purchased the company in July 2009 with his daughter, Kristin Maples.

Today, this family owned and operated Candle company, now known as Allure Home Fragrance has a new physical plant in Dallas, new packaging options, turnkey private label programs and the same high quality products and innovations that have been the hallmark of the company’s success for over a quarter of a century.

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