Fragrance Descriptions

Year-Round Fragrances:
Ambrosia: A unique fragrance of Marmalade married with Vanilla Almond gives this blend a scent that is
 as much citrus as it is sweet.
Bamboo Blossom: A marriage of earthy green notes and flowering gardenia.
Birthday Cake: Our World Famous best seller that smells of freshly baked sweet cake.
Boots & Saddles: A truly genuine leather aroma.
Desire: Seductive cologne notes, married with a hint of sweet cedar.
 (Desire available in full line, except for Blended Botanicals).
Marmalade: This best seller is comprised of sweet oranges, cinnamon, and spice (also a fall & holiday favorite).
Tuscan Patchouli: A uniquely fragrant blend of patchouli and pops of sweet vanilla with a hint of sandalwood.
Vanilla Almond: Smooth almond & sweet vanilla makes up our #1 best-selling fragrance.
White Sangria: A succulent mix of rich peaches, crisp apples, and sweet citrus notes.
Aromatherapy Line:
French Lavender: Fragranced with the naturally soothing aroma of lavender.
Fresh Linen: The refreshing subtle aroma of clean sheets.
Spring Fragrances:
Guava Tangerine (formerly Garden Gate): A unique springtime blend of sweet guava and tropical tangerine oils.
Lemon Tree: The crisp and timeless scent of freshly squeezed lemons.
Rose & Apple (formerly Rain Barrel): Calming notes of rose with undertones of crisp apple.
Fall Fragrances:
Designer’s Blend: Marmalade fragrance.
Crème Brule: A sweet fragrance guaranteed to make your mouth water.
Pomegranate Fig: This unique blend comes fragranced with oranges, figs, and an earthy musk making it a fall favorite.
Pumpkin Spice: A sweet blend of pumpkin pie and subtle spices.
Holiday Collection:
Gingerbread: A sweet and warm, fresh from the oven, gingerbread scent.
Jack Frost: A full bodied holiday fragrance that emits the spicy and sweet qualities of cinnamon.
Piney Woods: This best-selling holiday fragrance smells of freshly cut pine trees.
Silver Bells: Sweet and spice reminiscent of the holidays.