Tomato Vine - Petite Candle

Tomato Vine - Petite Candle

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Now in a smaller size! Our 8.5 oz. candle comes filled with Allure’s highly fragrant mottling paraffin that creates an elegant glow, and a 100% cotton wick for a clean, long-lasting burn.

Always use proper candle care and etiquette. On the initial burn make sure the entire surface of the candle liquifies to prevent tunneling. Always trim to 1/4" before burning and remove all candle trimmings and debris from the surface before lighting the wick.

+ Scent: Tomato / Basil / Lemon / Pinon

+ 100% cotton wick
+ 3 in. diameter x 3.5 in. tall
+ Packaged 1 per box
+ 35-40 hour burn time
+ Color - Off-white